Wednesday, January 23, 2013

brake ski

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Last week, I went skiing with my friends at Boone. 20 minutes from my house which is not too far. Megat, my housemate even said

"Ni kene pegi at least tiga empat kali ni winter nih"

So far he only went there once but Akmal who always smiling whenever I see him have already went there twice or maybe thrice. Not sure though. *random

Since last winter (last year), that was my second time there and I almost forgot how to ski so I went to the beginner's place. While I was there, the instructor taught me how to brake when going down the slope. The position is exactly the same as we 'tahan kecing'. Stand straight and legs bend inward.

"You got it sir?" asked the instructor to me.

"Yes. No problem. I often do this since my childhood"

Amek gambar je. Gua tak main pon snowboard.


Puteri Iqa Izyan

bawak lah gua sekali pergi main ski! kehkehkeh

Un Phat Lee

meh sini datang Ames meh.


ski and snowboarding mana lg best?


seronok nye !!!


Belum ada peluang lagi nak pergi main ski.


woo...bestnye.nak maen jugak!

siti habsah

da lame xjengah blog phatlee... hehe... best nye maen salji........aishh...nk maen jugak..


Kirim salam kat megat

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